FO: Limelight

Here’s my finished Limelight.  I knit it in a lovely 100% silk gradient from White Birch Fiber Arts that I picked up at DFW Fiber Fest this year.   I’ve never knit a shawl with this construction method – you cast on a bajillion stitches, knit some short rows to create depth, then on to the border.  On the one hand, you have long rows right off the bat – on the other hand, at least in this pattern, all the rows past the short rows have the same number of stitches, so if you’re used to playing yarn chicken at the end of a lace shawl, it’s not quite so bad.

As you can tell from the closeup my bind-off could have been looser (and probably I could have picked a yarn with more give) but I’m pretty happy with this.

FO: Bubbles Down The Drain

MOAR SOCKS!  But not vanilla ones this time.  These are Bubbles Down The Drain, knit in numma numma doppio, colorway “Ruby Red”.  I’m not going to lie, I found this pattern a little tedious.  Maybe it’s the four-row repeat?  Still, I’ll probably knit this one again.  I used a fish lips kiss heel instead of the one in the pattern, not because the one in the pattern is bad, but because I have the FLK heel memorized and it fits me well enough that I don’t really feel like I need to use a different one without a good reason.

FO: Spring Breeze

This was a really fun knit and I love the FO!  Pattern is Spring Breeze, yarn is Gradiance Yarns BFL FW in “Tropics”.  This is MUCH brighter in real life, in fact I would call this neon, and I am so happy I already have another skein of this color in a lace base.

As for the pattern, it was quick and enjoyable.  I didn’t use beads for this project, and I made the size in the pattern.  I griped about this designer in a previous post where I was modifying the size due to less yardage, but this time around I had just enough as recommended, so it was all good.

I cannot rave enough about the yarn, y’all.  The gradient was super smooth, and the dyer obviously washes and re-skeins after dyeing, because the yarn itself was smooth and non-crinkly.  I can’t wait to wear this FO.