NOTD: ILNP Wanderlust

I haven’t quite made up my mind how I feel about Wanderlust yet.

This is a …jelly?  With a lot of.. metallic shimmer?  and huge holo flakies.  This one is really hard to describe.  But it was sheer (this is 3.5 coats) and in the photos it is much more vibrant than it in real life.  In real life the base color is pretty boring, but it’s just so sparkly and shiny!  Anyway, I might give this to my mom?  I think I like a more vibrant polish.

NOTD: Powder Perfect Late At Night

Let me get this out of the way first:  This stained like a MOFO.  My fingertips were green for DAYS after I took this off.  Also I had been wearing this for several days when I finally got to take photos, so pardon my tip wear (next week’s is going to be about this bad also).

In the bottle Late At Night is a little more teal than it appears here – in real life and in the photos it is much greener.  This is packed with shimmer and I think some holo, but the holo is all but invisible everywhere – I don’t think it adds anything here.

FO: Midas Hat

This is a Midas Hat, knit in Black Cat Fibers Sirtir, colorway “Electric Avenue”.   This is a free pattern on Ravelry.  I don’t need another hat (especially since it was 80 freakin degrees this weekend and hello, it’s DECEMBER).  I had totally forgotten that I would want something I didn’t have to think about to knit on while we had family over for the holiday, so I cast this on.  I knit the brim in some leftover Madelinetosh 80/10/10 fingering in Button Jar Blue.

This was a pretty enjoyable knit.  I think technically the contrast inside brim is a pattern modification, but lots of people did this, so I’m not really counting it as a mod.  I did knit mine a little bit longer than indicated but that’s pretty much it.  Actually, that’s not true – I think I also cast on like nine more stitches, because there’s only one size in the pattern and I was afraid it wouldn’t fit me, even though (as usual) I went up a needle size.

NOTD: Super Black Mina

Mina is a blood red jelly with holographic microglitter in it.  I think this was a color of the month last year sometime.  It was fairly opaque but also very much a jelly –  you have to be careful to do consistent coats or the difference will be noticeable.  The brush Super Black uses is long and skinny, so you do also need to watch for polish running down the stem.

FO: Simple Sweater Shrug


Y’all.  This is Simple Sweater Shrug, which I knit in Ye Olde Caron Simply Soft, because I had it, and why not.

I haven’t washed this yet, because I never knit with acrylic and I’m scared of what it will look like when it’s done, although it clearly needs a blocking.  I know I can (and I will) throw this in the washer and the dryer and it’ll be fine, I just haven’t worked up the nerve.

This is smaller than I wanted it to be,  but not because I ran out of yarn.  The pattern has a wide range of “yarn required”, and it’s not sized.  I had (I thought) more than the max amount suggested.  When I went to update my project to mark that I’d used a skein, I saw that it took my project up to 350 yards used.  “Funny,” says I.  “That didn’t feel like 350 yards.”  Turns out I was right – Ravelry’s default stash entry for this yarn is 170g/350y, but the skeins I ACTUALLY had are 115g/250y.  Oops.  So I made the body a little smaller than I wanted, and used up the rest for the sleeves and trim.

I did make one change – in the original pattern you use yarnovers to increase and it makes a pattern.  I didn’t want that so I used kfb instead.  I still have a pattern, but I have no vent holes 🙂

I haven’t quite decided whether this is an absolute disaster, or exactly what I wanted.

NOTD: Essie Starry Starry Night (remix)

This is the new version of SSN – I don’t own the original and at this point I’m pretty sure I never will.  This was a pain to apply – I will definitely be thinning this the next time I wear it.  And, since it’s actual not-micro-glitter, it required the acetone soaked cotton ball removal method (I legit thought about using a peel off base under this before I put it on and went “oh, nah, it won’t be that bad.”  It was.).

Still, this is really pretty and I definitely recommend picking this one up if it’s still around.