A New Thing I’m Trying

So.. more than one person’s suggested to me that I should start a knitting blog.  But unless you design, or publish tutorials or posts on technique, knitting blogs by nature don’t tend to have a lot of new, constant content, which is a thing I’ve tried to accomplish and failed with previous blogs.

Here it is.  I’ll be posting these things:  Knitting, nail polish, and sewing.  I’m a reasonably skilled knitter.  I’m awesome at nail polish (but not so much nail art) and I am almost a complete novice at sewing.

Who am I?  I’m Lisa.  I’m 40 years old and I live with my husband and our cat in Dallas, Texas.  Yes, I knit a lot of sweaters (too many) for someone who gets maybe two days of actual cold per year.   Professionally, I’m a systems administrator for a healthcare non-profit.  I’m a fan of the Texas Rangers, and I am a not-so-reformed goth.

In the coming days I’ll be adding and tweaking some stuff.  And I’ll probably change the name of this blog. 🙂

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