FO: Blattkranz

FO:  Blattkranz Shawl
To go along with all the sweaters I knit that I don’t wear, I’ve knit another shawl I won’t wear.  This is Blattkranz, an “interpretation” of a Niebling.  I haven’t gone back to look at the original pattern but I would guess the original is probably a circle, which wouldn’t have been nearly as much of a pain to block!  Because the stitch counts change from row to row (and not in an always-increasing way – one chart has 600+ stitches in the middle of it but ends with 373).  I probably spent 45 minutes to an hour pinning, stretching, and re-pinning.
Finished and unblocked
Blocked and drying

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this project.  It’s large and heavy (200g of yarn, 950 5/0 triangle beads)

Yarn:  Little Monkey’s Stitch and Spin Silk Sock Gradient in “Smoke Screen”, 204g.

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