WIP Wednesday

I don’t have anything close to finished, I’m not currently sewing anything, and my nails are unpainted, so here’s a roundup of all the knitting WIPs I’m actively working on.

This pile of yarn and needles is Polwarth.  The pattern has you knit the sleeves individually while the body stitches are on hold so it’s more portable, but 1) I don’t care if it’s portable or not and 2) my sleeves only ever match if I knit them two-at-a-time.  So, the body is completed and bound off and I’m a little less than halfway through the sleeves.  For once I’m using the recommended yarn, which is Ysolda Blend No. 1.  It is LOVELY yarn to knit with and you should definitely buy some if you get a chance.

And I got socks.  These are Hundred Acre Wood, in Cephalopod Yarns Skinny Bugga, colorway “Gregor Samsa”.  I saw a pair of these on the FO Radar and Ravelry helpfully reminded me that I owned the book the pattern is in, so there we go.  This picture features a bonus shot of my second sewing project, too.

These were originally going to be Kick in the Pants socks, but the closer I got to the recommended stitch count the skinnier my stripes got, and I didn’t want to slip half the stitches every two or three rounds.  So these are toe-up Jaywalkers instead.  Yarn is Simply Socks Poste Self Striping in Electric Avenue.  I have another skein of this yarn I’m hoarding, so if these end up all weird after I add more stitches for the leg portion… eh, it’s okay.

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