NOTD: Cupcake Polish Water You Doing

I felt like wearing a holo, so today I’m wearing Water You Doing by Cupcake Polish.  This is a vibrant blue-green linear holo.  It’s super holo-blingy, but not quite as “wow” as the famous Berry Good Looking.

I’ve seen some people say that their Water You Doing was a little thick but I had no issues at all with application, and I didn’t find it thick at all.  This is three coats, and in the last macro shot you can kind of see where it isn’t totally opaque, but in real life this is absolutely not noticeable.


I’m not even close to being finished with anything, so here’s what I’m working on.  The first three have already made an appearance in a previous WIP post (which tells you how much knitting I’m not getting done lately).



Los Monos Locos – yup, it’s my fourth pair of toe-up Monkeys.  This yarn is Seacoast Handpainted Panda (60% merino, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon) in colorway “Afterglow”.  It’s nice and squishy.  I’m maybe two gusset increase rows away from turning the heels, which will probably happen tomorrow after work.



Vanilla socks.  This yarn is Purple Goddess Design Stuff a Sock In It (80% merino 20% nylon) in colorway “Concrete Jungle”.  I knit more on these after I took the photo and I’m about a stripe away from the heels.  I think I’m going to do a Fish Lips Kiss heel with the other end of each ball, because I don’t really care if they totally match but I’d like to not mess up the stripe sequence.



Here’s Puntilla, knit in Briar Rose Fibers Sea Pearl in the color 105.  Here I’m knitting the sleeves two-at-a-time, which is why the photo doesn’t really show much.  Before I started knitting this I thought of this yarn as gray with green in it, but now I’m thinking it’s green with gray in it.  Regardless, I still haven’t figured out what yarn I’ll knit the lace trim from, and I’m totally prepared to start my next sweater while I figure it out.

Now for the things I started because I was tired of everything else I’m knittng.  First up is Sheherazade Beaded Lace Shawl, in madelinetosh pure silk lace, colorway “Duchess”.  I’ve finished the setup chart and one repeat of the body charts.  I’m using 8/0 Matsuno Dyna-mites beads in silver-lined clear.  I bought a bunch of beads to try with this (because I don’t have a large stash of 8/0 beads, they’re mostly 6/0 and some 5/0 triangles and cubes for those lovely Boo Knits shawls).  I got a mix of Miyukis and Matsunos and decided on these.  The Miyuki beads are super regular but they are more… cylinder shaped?  Like someone cut tiny slices off a tube.  They’re a little taller than these beads and I really wanted something delicate for this.  I actually also got some 11/0 beads but that was just craziness – they are way too small for this yarn.

Hey speaking of!  I am IN LOVE with this macro image I took of this shawl.  I got this macro lens (not an affiliate link) off Amazon on Prime Day and it is THE SHIT.  I already have a fancier (probably better quality) macro lens to clip on my phone but it doesn’t fit anything but a bare phone (it even broke the glass screen protector I had on it).  THIS one is EIGHT BUCKS and it clips on to EVERY PHONE and I don’t have to take my case off to use it!  I HIGHLY recommend it.


And last but not least, here’s Blooming Shawl in Knit Picks Luminance, color Brilliance.  Generally I’m kind of “meh” about Knit Picks yarn aside from Felici and Hawthorne, but hello, 50g of pure silk laceweight for 10.99?  Sign me the fuck up.  I’ve just finished knitting the first diamond lace setup chart.

And a small housekeeping note:  I’ve moved my blog from blogspot to WordPress.  My LinkedIn account (WHY do I still have that) was one of the ones whose credentials were stolen a while ago, and I forgot I even had a WordPress account until they emailed to say “hey quit using the same password everywhere dumbass your WordPress account has the same password as your LinkedIn account come change it pls”.  I’ll probably keep making small tweaks but I’m pretty happy with the design (especially that thingy that picks a random header image, woo!).

NOTD: China Glaze Papa Don’t Peach

Almost-direct sunlight
Indirect sunlight
Desk lamp

Papa Don’t Peach is from the China Glaze summer 2016 collection (so yes, for once I’m wearing a current color).  It’s a neon-ish coral/peach jelly with peach?  and gold? glitters.  I have three coats on here, and there is still some VNL (visible nail line), which I hate but decided beforehand I wasn’t going to care about with this polish.

Application was okay.  It didn’t run anywhere but it was thick and a little goopy and if you aren’t careful you’ll create bald spots.  Also I think it’s supposed to be a texture but I wore it with topcoat.

I’m just not feeling this one, to be honest.  I’ll probably try it over a similar color, but I think I’ll end up destashing this one.

Also, yes, two nail polish posts in a row.  I’m not close to being finished with anything I’m knitting, and I’m frankly bored to death with all of it.  I’m actually about to cast on something new as soon as I click “publish” here.

ETA: guess who got a macro lens for her phone 

NOTD: F.U.N Lacquer Cheers To The Holidays (H)

indirect sunlight

Well, I just accidentally deleted the other photos of this polish and I already removed it, but here it is anyway.  This is how my work week’s been going:  I put this on Sunday night and took the photos Monday but am just now getting enough time to actually write the post.  F.U.N Lacquer’s Cheers to the Holidays (H) is a purple/red/gold multichrome with a ton of scattered holo glitters (and I think there is some gold glitter in there too).  If I know my indie naming conventions this is the holo version, which means there’s probably also a non-holo version around.  

This applied about like you would expect – halfway between nice smooth multichrome and complete glitter bomb.  I needed to use the Gelous/topcoat trick and it still wasn’t totally smooth, and when I removed it there was glitter EVERYWHERE.  It did remove easier than most glitter bombs, though.  

NOTD: China Glaze Bite Me topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust

desk lamp
indirect sunlight
Bite Me is from the 2016 summer collection (I already forgot what it’s called).  It’s a bright coral with gold shimmer.  It’s sorta neon, sorta not.
This polish was super thick, like, you could clearly see where my coats were even the slightest bit uneven.  I’ll be adding thinner when I wear this again.  I probably could have gotten away with two coats (it’s really opaque) but I did three to try to even out the texture.  And then I added Fairy Dust (scattered holo in a clear base) because I can’t just leave well enough alone. 

NOTD: Julep India

Indirect sunlight
Desk light

Today’s NOTD  is Julep India.  India’s a tricky one to capture.  In the bottle (and on the nail) it’s a vibrant blue with really strong green shimmer.  But that green shimmer absolutely does not come out in any photo I took, and when I looked up swatches of this it’s not in any of those photos, either.

This was three smooth coats.  It was a little runny but it didn’t stain where I messed up.  It’s a tiny bit brush-stroke-y but not too bad.  Love this one.