First up, I’ve started another sewing project – my third.  I’m making the pants from Simplicity 1520, with the help of this tutorial.  I found from my first project – also lazy pants, from an even easier pattern – that I’ll get easily overwhelmed if I try to do the whole thing in one day.  So last weekend I traced my pattern pieces onto pattern paper and cut them out, today I cut out my fabric.  I have been trying to figure out why I get so tense and anxious when I’m working on a sewing project, and I think it’s because with knitting, I’m not a great knitter but I’m confident, if that makes sense – the worst thing that can happen is it becomes yarn again.  With sewing, it’s not that recoverable.  Anyway, what I’m really trying to say here is that my forearms hurt so bad from how tense I was while I was cutting fabric, and that kind of sucked.

Socks, or rather, toes

And we got socks.  I’m going to need some mindless knitting this week and plain vanilla socks it is.  This yarn is Purple Goddess Design Stuff a Sock In It, in “Concrete Jungle”.  I was going to link to her Etsy store but it appears to have gone away.


I’ve been working on a Trillian in some ancient yarn Ravelry says I added to my stash in 2012.  It’s “Vegan Sock Yarn” by Quo Vadis in color “Neon Tangerine”.  It’s technically vegan – it’s a nylon/acrylic blend.  This store also is long gone.


And I recently finished a cardigan that’s still drying (and will be a post this week probably), so I’ve cast on a new sweater.  This is the beginning of Puntilla in Briar Rose Sea Pearl, in a color fetchingly named 105.  I haven’t decided what yarn I’ll use for the lace trim but I have plenty of time and plenty of scraps and whole skeins to choose from.

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