FO: Abria

meh, rear view

This is Abria, knit in Queensland Collection Savanna.  It’s the first sweater in a while I’ve not been really happy with.  There’s a couple of things going on here.

First, I knit the “long” version, which is what I wanted.  Somehow, though, the fronts of mine are much “flappier” than all the other project photos, and that’s a thing I hate in a sweater.  The ribbing looks sloppy in this yarn – I should have gone down a needle size, or decreased a few stitches in the row before it.  I knit this to wear over sleeveless tops and dresses at work in the summer, but the collar stands up more than I was expecting, and I think it might be too warm for me.  And Savanna is a silk/linen blend, which means that every single tension inconsistency is visible from the next galaxy.
I also bound off my Trillian today, so that’ll probably be a post later this weekend, as well as the usual weekend nail polish post.  

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