NOTD: China Glaze Papa Don’t Peach

Almost-direct sunlight
Indirect sunlight
Desk lamp

Papa Don’t Peach is from the China Glaze summer 2016 collection (so yes, for once I’m wearing a current color).  It’s a neon-ish coral/peach jelly with peach?  and gold? glitters.  I have three coats on here, and there is still some VNL (visible nail line), which I hate but decided beforehand I wasn’t going to care about with this polish.

Application was okay.  It didn’t run anywhere but it was thick and a little goopy and if you aren’t careful you’ll create bald spots.  Also I think it’s supposed to be a texture but I wore it with topcoat.

I’m just not feeling this one, to be honest.  I’ll probably try it over a similar color, but I think I’ll end up destashing this one.

Also, yes, two nail polish posts in a row.  I’m not close to being finished with anything I’m knitting, and I’m frankly bored to death with all of it.  I’m actually about to cast on something new as soon as I click “publish” here.

ETA: guess who got a macro lens for her phone 

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