FO: Sheherazade Beaded Lace Shawl

Finished this sooner than I thought I would.  This is Sheherazade Beaded Lace Shawl, knit in madelinetosh Pure Silk Lace, color “Duchess”.

I blogged a little about this project here.

This was an entertaining knit up until the very end where there are about a million stitches per row.  The pattern was clear (except for one part) and instructions were easy to follow.

The part that wasn’t clear is yarn usage guidelines.  The beginning of the pattern says it’s easy to adjust the size of your shawl by knitting more or fewer repeats of the body charts, but nowhere does it say anything like “you should start the border charts once you have used up 30% of your yarn” or similar.  I looked at other projects to see if I could get an idea but people’s usage varied wildly.  The pattern suggests 1300 yards of yarn, I only had 1000.  I opted to knit one fewer repeat than suggested, and I had 28g left.  Also, because I knit fewer repeats, my shawl is much more shallow than I was hoping for.  Regardless, I still like how this project turned out – but the FO might not turn out to be for me.

One thought on “FO: Sheherazade Beaded Lace Shawl

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