Two FOs for today.

First up, yet another pair of vanilla socks.  These are in Plymouth’s Neon Now yarn.  They were MUCH brighter before their wash – the water was almost neon pink when I took the socks out to dry.  They’re still pretty bright, but I admit this does make me a little apprehensive about the many balls of Regia Fluormania I have been hoarding.

I actually finished this sweater a few days before I finished the socks, but it took FOREVER to dry.  This is Reversible, knit in Shibui Heichi.  This turned out okay but has two major issues:  the yarn is 1) discontinued and 2) 100% silk.  It drapes nicely but doesn’t have a lot of stretch, and the amount I had was pretty much it.  It is about an inch shorter than the pattern indicates.  The neckline is also huge.  I might try to pick out the neckline trim (I did the one in the pattern) and reknit a ribbing or something, but I feel like it isn’t really going to help pull the neckline in at all.    Also, in the photo of the back I can see that my skeins didn’t totally match, but since that photo used a flash and the front photo didn’t, I think this probably won’t be noticeable.

I’ve got nothing else even remotely close to finished (these two projects finished up all my WIPs and I’ve since started a new set) so there’ll be a WIP post next week along with the usual nail polish post this weekend.

FO: Beeswax Hat

Quick hat I knit up just because I wanted to knit the pattern.  This is Beeswax Hat, and I’ve used madelinetosh Tosh DK in “Baltic”.

As usual when I knit something that isn’t expressly for me, I asked my husband if he would like it (I honestly figured this yarn would be too teal for him) but he said yes.  He tried it on and immediately jammed it all the way on and folded up the brim.  Oh, well, you can’t win them all, I guess. 🙂

FO: Arched Gusset Mittens

To go with all those sweaters I can’t wear, here are some mittens I’ll never need.  These are Purl Soho’s Arched Gusset Mittens (here on ravelry) with some modifications.  Yarn is madelinetosh Tosh DK in Tern, and the lining is madelinetosh 80/10/10 fingering in Button Jar Blue.

Modifications I made:  Provisional cast on, knit three rounds, purl one round, knit three rounds.  Unzip the provisional cast on and knit one stitch from it together with one live stitch and continue until all sts are knit.  From there I followed the rest of the pattern as is except that I grafted the tops closed instead of drawing a yarn tail through and gathering them.

Switched to lining color, picked up one stitch for each purl bump on the inside, where I knit together my hem.  Knit one round, decreased 4st, then pretty much followed the pattern except I knit the “left mitten” for the right mitten’s lining and vice versa, and I made a couple of minor adjustments both because I had fewer stitches, and because my row gauge was different for this yarn.  And I also remembered to knit the thumbs before closing the tops of the linings, so win-win.

FO: Vodka Lemonade

Oops, I meant to post this yesterday.  Anyway, here is my completed Vodka Lemonade.  Yarn is Wooly Wonka Fiber Aerten DK in “Lemon Zest”.

This yarn was one of the first sweater quantities I ever bought, and I bought it specifically for this sweater.  Ravelry says I queued the pattern in September 2012, and bought the yarn in November 2012.  Imagine my surprise when I finally got around to buying the pattern to cast on and discovering I didn’t have enough yarn!  Apparently the yardage requirements were updated after I bought my yarn at some point.  So a couple of modifications were called for:  For the bottom lace charts, I knit one and a half repeats instead of two (I pretty much just stopped where the motif looked “complete”) and my sleeves are about an inch shorter than specified in the pattern.

NOTD: ILNP Interstellar

ILNP Interstellar is a blue to purple duochrome with tons of green shimmer *and* scattered holo.  I think I did four coats total of this – it’s a little less opaque than I really like.  Still, this is really pretty and I’ll definitely wear it again.