Somehow I only have two WIPs right now.  First up is Vodka Lemonade, knit in Wooly Wonka Fiber Aerten DK, color “Lemon Zest”.   I am a bit farther than this but I learned my lesson and took a photo after I bound off the body but before I picked up the sleeves to knit them two at a time.  This should be finished this weekend if not tomorrow, one because this pattern doesn’t have long sleeves, and two because I don’t have enough yarn (more on that in the FO post though).  This post probably won’t be up until next week, because it’s been super humid in my house and I’ll be surprised if it takes less than three days to dry.


And here’s Blooming Shawl, in Knit Picks Luminance, color “Brilliance”. It’s not much farther along than the last time it appeared in a WIP post, because I mostly ignored it to work on the other shawl.  Plot twist:  I frogged this a couple of hours after I took this photo.  It isn’t the pattern, or the yarn, because both are perfectly fine, it’s the pattern *in* the yarn.  I feel like the linen stitch would show up better in a merino single like madelinetosh Prairie or Malabrigo Lace, and I’ve been kind of feeling that way for a while.  And then I managed to really mess up the lace portion on one side, and that was pretty much that.

I do already have my next three projects planned out, so once I finish Vodka Lemonade it’ll be time to cast on all the things!  I’ll be back to a more typical-for-me WIP load – a sweater, a pair of vanilla socks, and the third project will be mittens (that I’ll never need but who cares).


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