Two FOs for today.

First up, yet another pair of vanilla socks.  These are in Plymouth’s Neon Now yarn.  They were MUCH brighter before their wash – the water was almost neon pink when I took the socks out to dry.  They’re still pretty bright, but I admit this does make me a little apprehensive about the many balls of Regia Fluormania I have been hoarding.

I actually finished this sweater a few days before I finished the socks, but it took FOREVER to dry.  This is Reversible, knit in Shibui Heichi.  This turned out okay but has two major issues:  the yarn is 1) discontinued and 2) 100% silk.  It drapes nicely but doesn’t have a lot of stretch, and the amount I had was pretty much it.  It is about an inch shorter than the pattern indicates.  The neckline is also huge.  I might try to pick out the neckline trim (I did the one in the pattern) and reknit a ribbing or something, but I feel like it isn’t really going to help pull the neckline in at all.    Also, in the photo of the back I can see that my skeins didn’t totally match, but since that photo used a flash and the front photo didn’t, I think this probably won’t be noticeable.

I’ve got nothing else even remotely close to finished (these two projects finished up all my WIPs and I’ve since started a new set) so there’ll be a WIP post next week along with the usual nail polish post this weekend.

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