FO: 2016 Halloween Socks

Every year I knit a pair of socks for Halloween, and this year is no different.  Plain vanilla socks, Fish Lips Kiss heel.  Yarn is Nomadic Yarns Trusty Sock in “This Is Halloween”.

Also, once again, there’s going to be a WIP post next week.  I’ve got a sweater I just split the sleeves on, and the same shawl I was working on last time.  I have yarn wound and pattern picked for next socks but haven’t cast them on yet.

NOTD: Different Dimension Apollo

Apollo is a blue/purple duochrome that is packed with holographic glitter and tiny holographic flakies.  This was three coats, followed by a coat of Essie Gel Setter, then quick dry top coat (I think I used Pretty Serious Crystal Coat here).  I didn’t have much sun the day I took photos, so it’s pretty hard to see the color shift anywhere but under desk lighting.  I also had a little bit of tip shrinkage even though I wrapped the tips – so far I’ve gotten it every time I’ve used Gel Setter, so I’m blaming it here.

FO: Moyen Age

Moyen Age is finished!  Yarn is The Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering in “Kicky”.

I think if I make this again I will make a size larger than I did this time.  It has a little more negative ease than I am really comfortable with, and I made the 40/42 (where I’d usually make the 42), and I feel like maybe there’s more negative ease built in (it’s the only size in the pattern that’s for two measurements).

The only mod I made was that I didn’t do the cable panel down the sleeves.  All my shirts with long sleeves that aren’t super loose tend to twist on my forearms, which really bugs me, and I didn’t want to mess with it.

NOTD: Picture Polish Glitch

Glitch is a green jelly base with holographic tiny flakies in it.  The green leans ever so slightly blue but it is not even remotely teal.  The holo does not come through very much, or maybe it’s because I did three coats to get rid of visible nail line.

I have to admit, I bought this polish for the name.  Glitch was my favorite game ever, and I still miss it.  Even though the polish has nothing to do with the game, I still had to have it.

Probably going to be another couple of nail polish posts before I get back to knitting.  I haven’t finished anything I was working on last week, nor have I started anything new.  I might finish Moyen Age this weekend, but that’ll still be next week before I can post it.



So here’s a plain old Pi Shawl, in Briar Rose Fibers Angel Face.  I’ll probably pick a fancy knitted on border and do that for the end.


This year’s Halloween socks.  Yarn is by Nomadic Yarns, in the “This Is Halloween” colorway.  I should probably get moving on these.


And wow, this is not nearly an accurate photo colorwise of this (though it looked okay on my desktop computer).  This is Moyen Age, knit in Plucky Primo Fingering, color “Kicky”.  I should have the body completed this weekend, including the neck trim.

NOTD: Zoya Aurora

Aurora is a purple jelly packed with scattered holo.  It’s so much more holo than any of the photos shows (though the bottle in the first photo is sort of close).  No visible nail line, even though it kind of is visible in the pictures.