NOTD: Cirque Tanzanite

Here’s another one of those where I’m not totally sure the holo adds anything.  Tanzanite is a blue-purple jelly with holo flakies in it.  This is a stunner.  The only even slightly negative thing I have to say about this polish is that I forgot Cirque puts some kind of oil (lavender?) in their polish and the scent is a little much for me for at least the first 24 hours.

FO: Cozy Saturday

Cozy Saturday is finished!  Yarn is Malabrigo Rios in Pearl Ten.  Neither photo is color-accurate but the left one is closer.  It’s a slightly tonal black.

I made a few small modifications.  First, in the lace pattern I changed the skp to ssk (mostly because I forgot).  And, after a few repeats I figured out it looked better if I ktbl the yarnover next to the ssk on the next round.  The other thing I changed was the length – the pattern is written as a tunic length sweater but I stopped a decent length before that.

NOTD: Emily de Molly Fixed Course

Who loves a teal holo?  I do!  Fixed Course is a vibrant deep teal holo.  I love it so much.  This is the first Emily de Molly polish I’ve tried (I own one other – Oceanic Forces – but it’s untried).  It applied easily, was nicely opaque, not too runny.  It did get a little stain-y on skin and I’m thinking it will stain a little when I remove this, but it is so worth it.  Too bad there’s not been any sun to take any photos other than “desk light”.


I’m totally not spacing out my posts so that I can maybe finish something and not have a bunch of “WIP” posts between nail polish posts. Nope.


Here’s Cozy Saturday, in Malabrigo Rios, colorway “Pearl Ten”.  It’s much more… black… than it appears in just about every photo.  I think I’m going to knit the ribbed neckline instead of the cowl neck option,  because I’m already going to have trouble being able to wear this (as it’s a worsted weight sweater) without adding a huge cowl.  Also, I love me some madelinetosh.  Love it.  Love Vintage, love MCN Worsted, love Pashmina Worsted.  But I really think Rios might be my favorite worsted weight yarn.



Here’s the same Pi Shawl I was working on last time, but it’s a little farther along.  I’ve just finished the last increase round and am now at 576 stitches per round.  I have a while to go before I need to think about an edging seriously but I am starting to kind of think about it.  Yarn is Briar Rose Fibers Angel Face.



This will eventually be Vanilla Reversed socks.  Obviously, I haven’t even started this.  I’ve had the yarn wound and caked for probably over a month now, too.  Oops.  Yarn is Yarn Ink Sparkle Fingering in Karma.

NOTD: Pahlish – Arienette

Pahlish is a brand I don’t pay as much attention to, or maybe I’m just following blogs that don’t cover Pahlish that often?  Anyway, I tend to buy Pahlish in full collections when I hear about them elsewhere (on Ravelry mostly).  I picked up Arienette with the most recent (is it?) Portal collection.  It is a dark purple linear holo, and I think it has some purple or red sparkle as well?  It’s hard to tell, because this polish is one of those that tends to look black unless you’re looking carefully, or it’s in direct light (notice that the macro in full sun looks black, but the macro under my LED desk light looks purple).

It applied well, if unevenly, which I think is more due to the brush.  You can tell from the macros that I had a hard time getting the line at my cuticles nice and even, because I really wanted to avoid polish running down.

Also, it wasn’t until I was editing photos that I noticed it’s very close to last week’s NOTD, but oh well.  Guess I’ll  have to pick a totally different color next.