NOTD: Pahlish – Arienette

Pahlish is a brand I don’t pay as much attention to, or maybe I’m just following blogs that don’t cover Pahlish that often?  Anyway, I tend to buy Pahlish in full collections when I hear about them elsewhere (on Ravelry mostly).  I picked up Arienette with the most recent (is it?) Portal collection.  It is a dark purple linear holo, and I think it has some purple or red sparkle as well?  It’s hard to tell, because this polish is one of those that tends to look black unless you’re looking carefully, or it’s in direct light (notice that the macro in full sun looks black, but the macro under my LED desk light looks purple).

It applied well, if unevenly, which I think is more due to the brush.  You can tell from the macros that I had a hard time getting the line at my cuticles nice and even, because I really wanted to avoid polish running down.

Also, it wasn’t until I was editing photos that I noticed it’s very close to last week’s NOTD, but oh well.  Guess I’ll  have to pick a totally different color next.

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