This is what I wore this last week.  I switched the red and green positions on my other hand but kept the silver in the middle.

Red is KB Shimmer – Ruby.  In the bottle it has a ton of silver micro flakes and holo glitter, but on the nail the red jelly base masks the silver color and it’s just a ton of super sparkly red with scattered holo.  This might be my favorite polish in this mani.

Zoya Merida is the green.  It is the usual perfect jelly base with scattered holo.  Not as sparkly as Ruby.

Zoya Trixie with LA Girl 3D Silver on top for the silver.  I knew the silver holo wasn’t going to be opaque so I started with Trixie, which is my go-to silver metallic.

Overall I think this worked well, even if all the polishes weren’t exactly the same finish.

NOTD: Super Black – The Dell

The Dell is a pine green jelly with linear holo.  I could swear this was a deep teal when I bought it, but it’s not on their site anymore, and there are not many images out there of this one.

This was a little less opaque than I would have liked (this is three-and-a-half coats), and it did apply like a picky jelly.  I had some dragging on the second coat but I just waited longer to do the third (and the touchup spots) and it was fine.  The macro was taken just before I removed this, so obviously there’s some tip wear and growth in the photo.

FO: feminist killjoy

This is feminist killjoy, in madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light, colorway William Morris.

This is about a skein and half.  It was a nice and enjoyable knit.  The only thing I think is a little weird is the teardrop things at the bottom. It was hard to get them to block nicely (and in fact I gave up on trying to block those flat).  There’s also only one garter ridge after it, so they really want to curl up.  I think if I make this again I might either make them less sticky-outy, or I might just add more garter rows before binding off.


Yep, it’s a WIP post, because nothing’s close to finished.


This is Sophie Q, knit in Madelinetosh Pashmina Worsted, colorway “Ultramarine Violet”. In the photo I have about an inch left of the back, but as of now I’ve finished the back, joined the fronts to it, knit the neck trim, and am about halfway through the sleeve cap on the first sleeve.


This is probably my fourth or fifth Sockhead hat.  I didn’t really need another hat but I was dying to see how this colorway knits up, since no one appears to have used it in anything yet.  Yarn is Madelinetosh BFL Light, colorway “Bare Minimum”.  Also, I admit none of my Sockheads have actually had four inches of ribbing, but this one’s probably close.


This pattern is (or will be) “My Cup of Tea“.  I’m using Wollmeise Twin in Aquarius WD.  I’m knitting these toe-up.  I tried to flip the chart but it’s not really working out.  I could frog back to the start of the pattern and just knit the chart in the regular order (so my pattern will be upside down) or I could just keep going but knit the chart in the other direction, since this part won’t be visible in my shoes anyway.  Guess which one I’m gonna do.


Last but not least, here’s a shawl!  Pattern is feminist killjoy and I totally admit I’m knitting this mostly for the pattern name.  Yarn is Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in “William Morris”.  This is probably the one WIP that’s closest to finished, so this one might appear in a week or two.

FO: Vanilla Reversed


These socks are Vanilla Reversed, in Yarn Ink SPARKLE fingering, colorway “Karma”.  This is the toe-up version of Vanilla is the New Black.  I had some issues with this project:

I needed to start the gusset earlier than the pattern indicated (I didn’t).

Because the gussets are made with short rows, I needed to separate my socks much earlier than I usually do.  The gussets are good but somehow for the first sock I managed to skip the section about which short row method was being used, so my stitch counts were off (I managed to fudge that pretty well anyway).

Somehow even though I did the correct short row method for the second sock, BOTH socks were off somehow, and not in the same direction – so neither sock’s decrease columns are exactly in the center.

I’m sure the pattern is fine, but for me this was too much futzing around for a heel that doesn’t fit me significantly better than the Fish Lips Kiss heel.

While I’m bitching about this project, this is what the yarn looked like in the skein:


So.  Yup.