FO: Vanilla Reversed


These socks are Vanilla Reversed, in Yarn Ink SPARKLE fingering, colorway “Karma”.  This is the toe-up version of Vanilla is the New Black.  I had some issues with this project:

I needed to start the gusset earlier than the pattern indicated (I didn’t).

Because the gussets are made with short rows, I needed to separate my socks much earlier than I usually do.  The gussets are good but somehow for the first sock I managed to skip the section about which short row method was being used, so my stitch counts were off (I managed to fudge that pretty well anyway).

Somehow even though I did the correct short row method for the second sock, BOTH socks were off somehow, and not in the same direction – so neither sock’s decrease columns are exactly in the center.

I’m sure the pattern is fine, but for me this was too much futzing around for a heel that doesn’t fit me significantly better than the Fish Lips Kiss heel.

While I’m bitching about this project, this is what the yarn looked like in the skein:


So.  Yup.

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