FO: Dew Drops

I’ve had Dew Drops queued for a while, and I finally decided it was time to knit this.  I chose Lana Grossa Lace Lux for this shawl, mostly because it comes in a put-up I didn’t have to wind and cake myself.    I picked up this yarn a few years ago, even though I don’t really like pink, because it looked so unique.  This yarn is 67% rayon, and 33% wool.  Here’s a macro shot below:


If I had to guess I would say the rayon content is the main “yarn”, in a cable ply form, and the wool content is the pink fuzz that’s caught in it.  The rayon is white, and I am pretty sure it is in all the colorways.

I made no modifications to this pattern.  The pattern, like lots of other shawl patterns, says you can easily change the size to fit the amount of yarn you have, but unlike others, there’s a handy table included that tells you how many stitches to stop at for each chart worked if you want to make it smaller or embiggen it.  I had about 30 yards fewer than recommended, so I made the size smaller than the “standard” size in the pattern.

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