FO: alpenglühen

Alpengluhen is finished!  I knit this in Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran, in Slate Gray.  This yarn is a merino/silk/cashmere tweedy yarn.  I think it’s perfect for a cardigan of this type.

I didn’t make any modifications to this pattern.  If I made this again I think I would make this a little longer – it’s written bottom-up so I probably would just add a couple more inches between the bottom ribbing and the start of shaping.

As usual I did not make buttonholes or attach any buttons.  I think I’m going to get something from Jul Designs for this (and other) cardigans – I’m still probably mostly going to wear this open, though.

For next week I might have some socks finished – both my pairs on the needles are past the heels.  I’m really hoping to get all the way through the gradient on my Monkeys, even though that means they’re going to be *really* tall – we’ll see.

NOTD: Different Dimension Homeboy 2.0

Homeboy 2.0 is a bright blue with linear holo in it.  I actually like this one a lot more than I was expecting to – the blue is a nice clear blue and the holo is actually visible (even though it mostly just looks like shimmer unless it’s in super direct sun).  The formula was a little bit thick and cleanup was kind of a pain – but that’s more due to the wide brush than anything.  My nails are smaller than usual, I guess, so I always have a lot of cleanup to do if there’s a wide brush, and blues are more stubborn.  I haven’t removed this yet but I’m going to bet I’ll have some staining, even though I used two coats of basecoat.

WIP post

Because nothing’s finished.  I have two projects that are sort of close, and two that are nowhere near it.

First the almost-there:


This is aplengluhen, knit in Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran, colorway Slate Gray.  It’s a nice tweedy true aran.  This was the pattern I originally tried in Quince and Co Osprey that was just too dense.  I’ve actually finished both sleeve caps and gotten both sleeves on two circulars to work them two at a time, I just remembered to take a photo first 🙂

Next up is a pair of plain vanilla socks as usual:


I have to admit I’m a little disappointed with these.  This yarn is Gritty Knits Nom Stripe in “Monsters”.  These are my favoritest two colors on earth, but instead of being dyed in nice neat stripes it’s just dyed so that it happens to mostly stripe.  I didn’t bother to use the other end of the ball for the heels (FLK again).

And now for the nowhere near close:


It’s another pair of toe up Monkeys!  (pattern:  Los Monos Locos)  This yarn is by Black Bunny Fibers.  It’s the Stripey Sock base in Jester.  It’s a gradient but I didn’t bother to dig the cakes out of the project bag.  Ravelry classifies this yarn as “Light Fingering”, so I’m going to move up to a US3 needle for the legs – sometimes my socks in this pattern can be a little tight.  I usually use a US2 needle for socks – I’m a tight knitter.  Fun fact:  When I first learned to knit socks I got about 12st per inch on US2 needles.  I had to figure out a totally different way to tension my yarn in my hands to get it down to about 9-ish.

Last but not least is this:


I’m using two colors of Kauni Effektgarn for this – the rainbow (EQ) as the warp, and white to black (EC) as the weft.  Spoiler:  I don’t really like weaving and I don’t really think it’s right for me.

I do already have my next two pairs of socks lined up (one’ll be vanilla, and one will be Leyburn in sport weight yarn as I’ll already have the US3s out) and my next sweater (which will be a completely obnoxious cardigan).  And DFW Fiber Fest is in a few weeks, so I need to think about yet  another vanilla pair of socks to have on the needles by then  – both classes I’m taking this year are lecture-style (Knit Smart with the Yarn Harlot – the third year I’ve taken at least one of her classes, and Yarn 101 with Clara Parkes) and I expect most people will also be knitting during class.

FO: Prairie Fire

Pattern:  Prairie Fire
Yarn:  Miss Babs Yowza, in “Scarlet Letter”

This yarn was originally supposed to be a Briquette.  By the time I had separated sleeves and started waist shaping, I had to admit I wasn’t getting gauge, and I already felt like the fabric was too loose.  I didn’t want to go up another needle size (I’d already gone up two) and I was also already making the largest size (I notice this designer doesn’t have a large size range).  Briquette calls for a DK yarn but when I try it again I’ll either use a worsted weight yarn, or a DK yarn that knits up fat (hello Madelinetosh Tosh DK or DK Twist).

Anyway, I frogged Briquette and picked this pattern instead.  I made no modifications at all.  This was an enjoyable, fast knit.

NOTD: il etait un vernis La Paulee

La Paulee is a shimmery, sparkly, blue-leaning green.  In the bottle, I think I can see scattered holo, but on the nail it’s not there at all, so they probably could have skipped it.  It’s a little bit sheer still, but it’s so sparkly I don’t think it’s noticeable.  I think I have another polish that’s similar to this (Powder Perfect Late at Night), but I haven’t worn that one yet.

Also:  Surprise, I have another FO for later this week!

FO: Self striping socks

I lied, I totally have another FO for this week.  This yarn is Must Stash Perfect Sock in “Modern”.  I used a Fish Lips Kiss Heel for these (as usual) but I used the other end of each cake for them instead of messing up my stripe pattern.  I didn’t think I would have these finished because I still had like two more complete stripe sequences in each cake but I got to the point where I would have had to add calf shaping, and I didn’t want to.

Ravelry classifies this yarn as Light Fingering, and I think from now on for yarns classified this way I will use 68 stitches for a vanilla sock (I use 64 normally, and it’s what I used here).  These fit fine but they are a little more stretched out than I prefer.