FO: Polaris

Here’s Polaris, knit in Madelinetosh Dandelion, in colorway “Dr Zhivago’s Sky”.  I made no changes at all to the pattern, but I should have 😛

I think if I make this again I’ll make the neckline higher (how?  I have no idea) and I’ll definitely decrease my sleeves sooner and faster – I might actually rip the sleeves back later and do so.

Why don’t I ever notice that a sweater is cockeyed in my dress form until I’m writing the post?  Ugh.  I do like this FO, though.  I might use a yarn with more linen next time – I keep catching myself thinking I’ll wear this in summer because, hey, linen, but no, it’s still 90% wool.

Anyway, I actually finished this a couple of weeks ago but I’ve been hoarding my posts so I have something to post twice a week.  Kind of thinking about adding more everyday stuff, because I absolutely will not have an FO next week.

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