FO: Sunday Acid

Here’s a heck of an FO.  This is Sunday Drive, knit in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Targhee Worsted, in my favorite BMFA colorway, “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test”.

I made two modifications.  For the first one, the pattern has you cast on the back provisionally, then work the upper back.  Then you pick up each shoulder and leave the back neck stitches held for the collar.  I don’t mind provisional cast ons, but the pattern photo of the top back looked a little draggy.  So I chose not to cast on provisionally, and I just picked up stitches from the cast on later.  Because the body is in garter stitch and I didn’t feel like engineering the instructions to make it work, one shoulder has the seam on the outside where I picked up.  It’s totally unnoticeable in this colorway, though.

The other modification I made was that I knit the button band an inch shallowed than suggested.  I’m not putting buttons on this, and my collar was already like eight inches deep.

Also, this isn’t really a modification, but I knit the body, then knit the sleeves, and then I blocked it.  Then I knit the collar and button bands, and blocked it again.  Because garter stitch grows, yo.

This was pretty enjoyable and I’m probably going to knit at least one more of these.

NOTD: Defy & Inspire Ultra Teal

Defy & Inspire is a brand I’ve only seen at Target.  I’m assuming it’s a store brand or a Target exclusive.  I have two other polishes in this line that I haven’t worn, both cremes.

Let me start off by saying Ultra Teal is GORGEOUS.  It’s stunning.  It’s close to Pretty Serious “Khepri’s Amulet” but its shimmer is more gold.

I DON’T recommend this as a dupe for Khepri’s Amulet.  Unless you are completely desperate.  Because this polish is AWFUL in every way other than look.  It was super-runny and thin – this is four coats and still not totally opaque – and it was still dentable six hours after I applied.  And still dentable 30 HOURS later.  If that weren’t enough it was also super shrinky.  This was so bad that I’m now reluctant to use the other two Defy & Inspire polishes I have, even though I know they might be totally acceptable since they’re cremes.

FO: More Monkeys

Well, I meant to post this yesterday but I noticed I hadn’t actually *written* anything, just uploaded the photos.

This is yet another pair of toe-up Monkeys.  The gradient yarn is Black Bunny Fibers Stripey Sock in colorway Jester.  The heels are Ye Olde Cascade Heritage.  I didn’t quite make it to the last color in the gradient but that’s okay, because even though I knit a lot of ribbing they wouldn’t have fit.  If I make Monkeys this long again, I’ll be sure to start adding some extra stitches between pattern repeats about three repeats before I started the cuffs on these, or just start the cuffs earlier and make them super long.

NOTD: Indigo Bananas Endless Nights

It’s been a long time since I felt this “meh” about a polish.  Endless Nights is a purple-root-beer duochrome with linear holo.  It’s thin and runny and this was like four coats and still isn’t opaque.  And, the root beer color – the one it is normally – reads as a “mom” color.  I think I got this while I was buying something else there – didn’t Indigo Bananas do the silver version of Amazeballz?  It’s been a while.

FO: Vanilla Monsters

Another pair of vanilla socks done.  Yarn is Gritty Knits Nom Stripe in “Monster”.  The striping isn’t super accurate, it’s more like yarn that’s been dyed so that it mostly stripes – so I didn’t really bother trying to make the heels completely match up.


Mega X is a super blingy silver linear holo.  The holo particles are big and they are very flashy.  This took four coats to be this opaque but you can see from the macro photo that is isn’t very opaque.  I think I might wear this with a silver foil underneath, or I might even try one of the other Mega versions that are more opaque.