NOTD: Defy & Inspire Ultra Teal

Defy & Inspire is a brand I’ve only seen at Target.  I’m assuming it’s a store brand or a Target exclusive.  I have two other polishes in this line that I haven’t worn, both cremes.

Let me start off by saying Ultra Teal is GORGEOUS.  It’s stunning.  It’s close to Pretty Serious “Khepri’s Amulet” but its shimmer is more gold.

I DON’T recommend this as a dupe for Khepri’s Amulet.  Unless you are completely desperate.  Because this polish is AWFUL in every way other than look.  It was super-runny and thin – this is four coats and still not totally opaque – and it was still dentable six hours after I applied.  And still dentable 30 HOURS later.  If that weren’t enough it was also super shrinky.  This was so bad that I’m now reluctant to use the other two Defy & Inspire polishes I have, even though I know they might be totally acceptable since they’re cremes.

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