FO: Sunday Acid

Here’s a heck of an FO.  This is Sunday Drive, knit in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Targhee Worsted, in my favorite BMFA colorway, “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test”.

I made two modifications.  For the first one, the pattern has you cast on the back provisionally, then work the upper back.  Then you pick up each shoulder and leave the back neck stitches held for the collar.  I don’t mind provisional cast ons, but the pattern photo of the top back looked a little draggy.  So I chose not to cast on provisionally, and I just picked up stitches from the cast on later.  Because the body is in garter stitch and I didn’t feel like engineering the instructions to make it work, one shoulder has the seam on the outside where I picked up.  It’s totally unnoticeable in this colorway, though.

The other modification I made was that I knit the button band an inch shallowed than suggested.  I’m not putting buttons on this, and my collar was already like eight inches deep.

Also, this isn’t really a modification, but I knit the body, then knit the sleeves, and then I blocked it.  Then I knit the collar and button bands, and blocked it again.  Because garter stitch grows, yo.

This was pretty enjoyable and I’m probably going to knit at least one more of these.

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