FO: Woven thing

Yay, I’ve finally finished this thing and now I can put away my loom and ignore it for a while.  I was going for a long wrap thing (I used the island in my kitchen, length-wise, to warp, so the warp was probably eight feet long) but nope.  I used Kauni 8/2 for both warp and weft (so it’s too itchy for anyone to actually wear) and a 10 dent reed.  The warp is the rainbow colorway and for the weft I used the black to white one.  My selvages look terrible, too.  I think this is because I had no idea how wide this would end up (I wanted to get an entire rainbow in there) so I started warping at the very edge of the reed instead of somewhere in the middle of it.  Not a great idea.  Still, as a proof of concept I’m pretty pleased with this.

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