FO: Spring Breeze

This was a really fun knit and I love the FO!  Pattern is Spring Breeze, yarn is Gradiance Yarns BFL FW in “Tropics”.  This is MUCH brighter in real life, in fact I would call this neon, and I am so happy I already have another skein of this color in a lace base.

As for the pattern, it was quick and enjoyable.  I didn’t use beads for this project, and I made the size in the pattern.  I griped about this designer in a previous post where I was modifying the size due to less yardage, but this time around I had just enough as recommended, so it was all good.

I cannot rave enough about the yarn, y’all.  The gradient was super smooth, and the dyer obviously washes and re-skeins after dyeing, because the yarn itself was smooth and non-crinkly.  I can’t wait to wear this FO.

FO: Graynbow socks

Another pair of vanilla socks!  This is Gynx Yarns Glitz Sock in the Graynbow colorway, which is your standard rainbow washed with gray.  I also have this color in the regular sock base (strong sock?) so that will appear here eventually, too.  Toe up, fish lips kiss heel with the other end of the ball, the usual.

NOTD: Cirque Paraiba

Cirque Paraiba is a lovely green-teal jelly with a ton of holo micro-flakes.  This was four coats and still a little sheer, but who cares?  I used a different topcoat and didn’t notice the added fragrance at all.  Interesting side note:  I bought the new neon collection and apparently they aren’t adding the scented oil after their brand redesign.

FO: Meraki

Here is my finished Meraki tank.  I used the recommended yarn (Plymouth Nettle Grove in Gray Pearl).  I probably could have done another repeat of the lace before joining the front and back but it’s fine.  I swapped the lace mesh in the pattern for the English Mesh Lace pattern from page 193 of the first Barbara Walker stitch treasury.  Other than that, I didn’t make any modifications other than I didn’t use a contrast color (which would have been just the lace bit).  There will be a button joining the two pokey-outy bits at the neckline, but I haven’t picked one out (and so I also haven’t made the loop it will go in).

NOTD: Nine Zero Masked Flowerpiercer

This is a medium blue linear holo.  This is the first Nine Zero polish I’ve tried, and I wasn’t very happy with the formula.  This applied like an old-school holo – draggy and kind of thick.  It dried very fast but not fast enough if  you think you missed a spot – better to wait until it’s completely dry to apply another coat.  I used three coats here but two probably would be sufficient.

This actually really, really reminds me of a Mentality holo.  If you were there for that drama, you’ll know why I just feel like I won’t wear this again.

FO: Rikke

Yay, it’s my third Rikke hat!  This one is knit in Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK, in the Hula Hoop colorway.  It’s MUCH brighter in person than it is in photos.  I bought this yarn at West 7th Wool in Fort Worth, and for once I had this pattern in mind when I picked it out, and I wound it up and cast on within a week.  I didn’t cheat with this one with any sneaky wrap and turn business – I actually knit one round, purled the next.