FO: Palette

Guess who uploaded photos but forgot to write a post again?

This is Palette, one of two projects for which I went out and bought the recommended yarn, in the recommended colorways, because I wanted the exact item in the pattern photos.  (The other one was the Inara Wrap – sense a trend?)

Anyway, I used Three Irish Girls Springvale Worsted, in Dorian Gray (I might have bought an extra SQ in DK of this color) and Jolene mini skeins.

I sort of made some modifications due to my gauge.  I can usually get either stitch gauge or row gauge, but generally not both, and this was no exception.  Usually it’s not a problem, because most patterns have instructions like “knit four inches and begin waist shaping” but this pattern includes specific row numbers.  So I had to skip a few of the plain rows before starting the color blocks, because the color blocks all had to be the same number of rows.  As usual I didn’t bother with buttonholes.

I also tried something for this project I haven’t used before:  the Coco Knits Leather Cord and Needle Stitch Holder Kit.  I usually use spare interchangeable cables and stoppers instead of waste yarn, because waste yarn gets compressed and sometimes it’s hard to dig out the held stitches.  Spare cables get on my nerves sometimes, because they flop around and if I’m sitting at a desk or table the stoppers clang on the desktop and it annoys me.  The good:  This was super easy to use, and I loved that the cords held the stitches without letting them get sucked back down into the row below them.  And no floppy cable stoppers knocking into everything.  The bad:  the leather cord itself wasn’t exactly smooth.  I had to work to get my stitches on the cord, and then I had to struggle to get them back onto my needles.  It definitely fuzzed up my yarn, but it’s not really visible in the finished project.  I read at least one review that says you can sub nylon cord (I guess like really fat fishing line?) so I’m definitely going to try that next time.

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