FO: Grandpa Cardigan the second

Here is my second Grandpa Cardigan.  I used the same yarn I used for my first one – madelinetosh DK Twist.  The first one was in colorway “Neon Lime” (oh yes) and ever since I finished that one a few years ago I have been meaning to knit another one in gray.  This one is in “Dr. Zhivago’s Sky”.  I can see in the photo where I maybe should have alternated skeins, but it’s not as noticeable, and really that part that is a little bluer would still have been a little bluer than the rest.

I knit this in the same size as my first one, and to the same measurements (by which I mean I counted the repeats of the fat cable for both body and sleeves of the first one and knit this one the same way).  I made two modifications from my first one (and from the pattern):  I knit the sleeve cuffs on a needle two sizes smaller than the rest of the sweater, and I made the shawl collar deeper.  On my first one, every time I wear it I wish the cuffs fit a little closer, and I actually ripped it back a few months ago and re-knit them on smaller needles, but I think it’s been too long and it didn’t really help.  For the shawl collar, I marked with locking stitch markers on both fronts where the neck increases stop, and the center of the back.  When I picked up the button band stitches, I knit the first row to something like five stitches past the neck marker, wrap + turn, knit in pattern to five stitches past the neck marker, wrap + turn, knit to first wrap, pick up the wrap, knit two stitches more, wrap + turn, and so on until I got to the neck increase markers on the fronts.  This worked out well but if I make this a third time I might try to make it even deeper, but I think I would do this maybe by knitting the entire button bands a little wider also.

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