FO: Norderney

Okay, this is Norderney.  I have some things to say about the yarn, but it’s discontinued, so I won’t name it (though I do have another SQ of this yarn in a different color).

I stuck to the pattern for this knit.  If I make this again, I will not use a provisional cast-on at the shoulders.  With this much positive ease and a drop shoulder, I think I would rather have the stability of a cast-on edge.  Also, because I couldn’t tell exactly where the cast on was (even though I had a locking stitch marker there), I had trouble figuring out when my fronts had gotten to the same length as the back.

That said, I probably will make another one of these – I didn’t find it tedious at all, and the FO is comfy and pleasant to wear.

Now for the yarn.  You can see that I have a skein that totally doesn’t match the others.  “You should have alternated,” you might think.  But this yarn was dyed to order, and I should not have had to alternate in a color this almost-uniform.  I actually had two other skeins that didn’t match exactly, but they’re unnoticeable, and you can’t even tell where I should have alternated those.  Also, this yarn had a TON of knots, and probably about three times as many spots where one ply was loose, or broken, than it had knots.  Definitely would not recommend, and as I said earlier- if this wasn’t discontinued I would totally be naming and shaming.  I can see a couple of spots where I need to do some additional repair on sticky-outy plies, but I haven’t decided what to do about that one mismatched skein.  It’s not as obvious in real life as it is here in the photos, but I still might end up dyeing this.

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