FO: Renewal

This is Renewal, knit in Blue Heron Egyptian Mercerized Cotton, colorway “Mossy Place”.  Renewal is a free pattern, and is knit in the usual way with an applied border.

I ran into two things while knitting this.  First, this yarn is classified as “Thread” on Ravelry, and it’s so not.  I mean, yeah, it’s technically thread in that it’s plied cotton, but the put-up is 226 g, 1000 yards.  That’s more like a light fingering or heavy lace.  I had about 250 more yards than the pattern called for, so I did the usual and went up a needle size (and you know because I said that that this didn’t work, right?).  Sure enough, I got about 3/4 of the way through the edging and started getting nervous about how much yarn I didn’t have left.  I weighed the yarn before and after a border repeat and knew I wouldn’t have enough…. so I went down a needle size 3/4 of the way through the border.  I finished with a little over a gram left.

This border was incredibly tedious to knit.  I mean, I guess they all kind of are, but I know Lunna Voe in the opposite direction – got the tedious bit out of the way first – and now I’m reminded how much applied borders at the end are the suck, because I just wanted to be finished with this.

I probably could have blocked this out larger, but I already had four mats out and I really didn’t want to try to add more and keep it more or less circular.

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