FO: Simple Sweater Shrug


Y’all.  This is Simple Sweater Shrug, which I knit in Ye Olde Caron Simply Soft, because I had it, and why not.

I haven’t washed this yet, because I never knit with acrylic and I’m scared of what it will look like when it’s done, although it clearly needs a blocking.  I know I can (and I will) throw this in the washer and the dryer and it’ll be fine, I just haven’t worked up the nerve.

This is smaller than I wanted it to be,  but not because I ran out of yarn.  The pattern has a wide range of “yarn required”, and it’s not sized.  I had (I thought) more than the max amount suggested.  When I went to update my project to mark that I’d used a skein, I saw that it took my project up to 350 yards used.  “Funny,” says I.  “That didn’t feel like 350 yards.”  Turns out I was right – Ravelry’s default stash entry for this yarn is 170g/350y, but the skeins I ACTUALLY had are 115g/250y.  Oops.  So I made the body a little smaller than I wanted, and used up the rest for the sleeves and trim.

I did make one change – in the original pattern you use yarnovers to increase and it makes a pattern.  I didn’t want that so I used kfb instead.  I still have a pattern, but I have no vent holes 🙂

I haven’t quite decided whether this is an absolute disaster, or exactly what I wanted.

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