FO: Hermione’s Everyday Socks


Hey, look!  It’s socks that aren’t plain vanilla!  These are, of course Hermione’s Everyday Socks.  I used Apple Tree Knits Socklove in the Seaside Heights colorway.  I didn’t bother to knit the heels in a contrast color or the other end of the ball or anything.  I think it’s a little bit noticeable but the gradient is so long I’m probably the only one who can see it immediately.  As usual, I knit these toe-up so I could use as much of the yarn as possible.

FO: Starting Point MKAL

Here’s my finished Starting Point wrap!  Mine ended up much longer than the pattern (about 104 inches long!) but still about 26 inches wide.  This used up a ton of deep stash yarn, which I’m pretty happy about.  These colors aren’t my usual thing so this will probably go to my mom (especially since she won’t even notice the place I forgot to knit a garter ridge on both sides of the wrap!).  I used all Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light, in colors:  Gossamer (pale grey), Composition Book Grey (dark grey), Lai (pink), Iris (dark purple), and Magenta (lighter purple).

I’m not gonna lie, this was a LOT of knitting.  I might make another one of these for me, but if I do it won’t be for a LONG time.

FO: Elphaba Pullover

Finally, I finished an Elphaba Pullover.  Yarn is Nerd Girl Yarns Bounce and Stomp in the Tardis Blue colorway.  Elphaba is one of the first sweaters I queued on Ravelry.  I started it once (in a different yarn) but decided I wanted to do something else.  (I think that attempt became a Raindrops pullover instead.)

I made no modifications – though if I make another one I might figure out how to convert the sleeves to set-in instead of raglan.  I pinned out the lace points but I’m not sure I would do that again – they look a little too pointy.  I might see how it does when I’m wearing it and decide.  Otherwise I’ll probably just pat it into place and keep adjusting it as it dries.

FO: Leyburn Socks


This is my second pair of Leyburn socks, but it’s kind of a fail.  I made this in sport weight yarn, so I was kind of guessing at the number of stitches I would need.  They go on, but the pattern on the leg is all stretched out and not flattering.  I think I would add another repeat’s worth of stitches if I make these again in this weight yarn, but only on the leg – the feet fit perfectly.  Yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Mediumweight, in colorway Fruity Loopies.

FO: Radiate

Here’s my completed Radiate pullover.  I know you will be shocked to hear the yarn is Madelinetosh Tosh DK, in Neon Peach and Astrid Grey.  The only modifications I made were size – the pattern says you should have two inches positive ease, which for me would be a size 44.  This is right in the middle of two sizes – 46 and 42 – so I made the size 46 yoke, but only cast on the number of underarm stitches for the 42, giving me a stitch count for the body somewhere in the middle of those two.  Note also that I’m talking about this like I sat down and figured out exactly what I needed to do, which is completely not true.  🙂

FO: More Vanilla socks

Here’s a post I totally intended to publish last week and apparently not only forgot to publish it, I forgot to write it, too!

It’s another pair of vanilla socks with a fish lips kiss heel.  This yarn is from Cold Springs Creations.   It’s the Trillium MCN base in Crayon Factory.  This yarn is AMAZING.  It’s super fat yarn but it knits up into lovely, plushy, soft, socks at my regular sock gauge (9st/in).