NOTD: Nine Zero Masked Flowerpiercer

This is a medium blue linear holo.  This is the first Nine Zero polish I’ve tried, and I wasn’t very happy with the formula.  This applied like an old-school holo – draggy and kind of thick.  It dried very fast but not fast enough if  you think you missed a spot – better to wait until it’s completely dry to apply another coat.  I used three coats here but two probably would be sufficient.

This actually really, really reminds me of a Mentality holo.  If you were there for that drama, you’ll know why I just feel like I won’t wear this again.

NOTD: Picture Polish Soul

OK, first, I’d already been wearing this five days by the time I was able to take photos, so excuse the tip wear and growth.

Soul is a blue-purple jelly with holo flakies and bigger holo hex glitters.  The glitter lies nice and flat (though I did have to nudge one or two back onto the nail).  It is more opaque in real life than it is in the photos, but it was still three coats plus touchups.  Removal was a giant pain, too – the hex glitter did NOT want to come off.

NOTD: ILNP Extra Credit

Extra Credit is a deep teal holo jelly.  I’d already been wearing it a few days when I finally had time to take photos, so there’s some tip wear going on here.  This was a little less teal, somehow, than I was expecting – it kind of reads as a pine-y green with a hint of blue.  I think I will like this more as a winter polish than summer.  Also, when I removed this there was holo glitter EVERYWHERE.