WIP post

Because nothing’s finished.  I have two projects that are sort of close, and two that are nowhere near it.

First the almost-there:


This is aplengluhen, knit in Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran, colorway Slate Gray.  It’s a nice tweedy true aran.  This was the pattern I originally tried in Quince and Co Osprey that was just too dense.  I’ve actually finished both sleeve caps and gotten both sleeves on two circulars to work them two at a time, I just remembered to take a photo first 🙂

Next up is a pair of plain vanilla socks as usual:


I have to admit I’m a little disappointed with these.  This yarn is Gritty Knits Nom Stripe in “Monsters”.  These are my favoritest two colors on earth, but instead of being dyed in nice neat stripes it’s just dyed so that it happens to mostly stripe.  I didn’t bother to use the other end of the ball for the heels (FLK again).

And now for the nowhere near close:


It’s another pair of toe up Monkeys!  (pattern:  Los Monos Locos)  This yarn is by Black Bunny Fibers.  It’s the Stripey Sock base in Jester.  It’s a gradient but I didn’t bother to dig the cakes out of the project bag.  Ravelry classifies this yarn as “Light Fingering”, so I’m going to move up to a US3 needle for the legs – sometimes my socks in this pattern can be a little tight.  I usually use a US2 needle for socks – I’m a tight knitter.  Fun fact:  When I first learned to knit socks I got about 12st per inch on US2 needles.  I had to figure out a totally different way to tension my yarn in my hands to get it down to about 9-ish.

Last but not least is this:


I’m using two colors of Kauni Effektgarn for this – the rainbow (EQ) as the warp, and white to black (EC) as the weft.  Spoiler:  I don’t really like weaving and I don’t really think it’s right for me.

I do already have my next two pairs of socks lined up (one’ll be vanilla, and one will be Leyburn in sport weight yarn as I’ll already have the US3s out) and my next sweater (which will be a completely obnoxious cardigan).  And DFW Fiber Fest is in a few weeks, so I need to think about yet  another vanilla pair of socks to have on the needles by then  – both classes I’m taking this year are lecture-style (Knit Smart with the Yarn Harlot – the third year I’ve taken at least one of her classes, and Yarn 101 with Clara Parkes) and I expect most people will also be knitting during class.


Yep, it’s a WIP post, because nothing’s close to finished.


This is Sophie Q, knit in Madelinetosh Pashmina Worsted, colorway “Ultramarine Violet”. In the photo I have about an inch left of the back, but as of now I’ve finished the back, joined the fronts to it, knit the neck trim, and am about halfway through the sleeve cap on the first sleeve.


This is probably my fourth or fifth Sockhead hat.  I didn’t really need another hat but I was dying to see how this colorway knits up, since no one appears to have used it in anything yet.  Yarn is Madelinetosh BFL Light, colorway “Bare Minimum”.  Also, I admit none of my Sockheads have actually had four inches of ribbing, but this one’s probably close.


This pattern is (or will be) “My Cup of Tea“.  I’m using Wollmeise Twin in Aquarius WD.  I’m knitting these toe-up.  I tried to flip the chart but it’s not really working out.  I could frog back to the start of the pattern and just knit the chart in the regular order (so my pattern will be upside down) or I could just keep going but knit the chart in the other direction, since this part won’t be visible in my shoes anyway.  Guess which one I’m gonna do.


Last but not least, here’s a shawl!  Pattern is feminist killjoy and I totally admit I’m knitting this mostly for the pattern name.  Yarn is Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in “William Morris”.  This is probably the one WIP that’s closest to finished, so this one might appear in a week or two.


I’m totally not spacing out my posts so that I can maybe finish something and not have a bunch of “WIP” posts between nail polish posts. Nope.


Here’s Cozy Saturday, in Malabrigo Rios, colorway “Pearl Ten”.  It’s much more… black… than it appears in just about every photo.  I think I’m going to knit the ribbed neckline instead of the cowl neck option,  because I’m already going to have trouble being able to wear this (as it’s a worsted weight sweater) without adding a huge cowl.  Also, I love me some madelinetosh.  Love it.  Love Vintage, love MCN Worsted, love Pashmina Worsted.  But I really think Rios might be my favorite worsted weight yarn.



Here’s the same Pi Shawl I was working on last time, but it’s a little farther along.  I’ve just finished the last increase round and am now at 576 stitches per round.  I have a while to go before I need to think about an edging seriously but I am starting to kind of think about it.  Yarn is Briar Rose Fibers Angel Face.



This will eventually be Vanilla Reversed socks.  Obviously, I haven’t even started this.  I’ve had the yarn wound and caked for probably over a month now, too.  Oops.  Yarn is Yarn Ink Sparkle Fingering in Karma.



So here’s a plain old Pi Shawl, in Briar Rose Fibers Angel Face.  I’ll probably pick a fancy knitted on border and do that for the end.


This year’s Halloween socks.  Yarn is by Nomadic Yarns, in the “This Is Halloween” colorway.  I should probably get moving on these.


And wow, this is not nearly an accurate photo colorwise of this (though it looked okay on my desktop computer).  This is Moyen Age, knit in Plucky Primo Fingering, color “Kicky”.  I should have the body completed this weekend, including the neck trim.



Somehow I only have two WIPs right now.  First up is Vodka Lemonade, knit in Wooly Wonka Fiber Aerten DK, color “Lemon Zest”.   I am a bit farther than this but I learned my lesson and took a photo after I bound off the body but before I picked up the sleeves to knit them two at a time.  This should be finished this weekend if not tomorrow, one because this pattern doesn’t have long sleeves, and two because I don’t have enough yarn (more on that in the FO post though).  This post probably won’t be up until next week, because it’s been super humid in my house and I’ll be surprised if it takes less than three days to dry.


And here’s Blooming Shawl, in Knit Picks Luminance, color “Brilliance”. It’s not much farther along than the last time it appeared in a WIP post, because I mostly ignored it to work on the other shawl.  Plot twist:  I frogged this a couple of hours after I took this photo.  It isn’t the pattern, or the yarn, because both are perfectly fine, it’s the pattern *in* the yarn.  I feel like the linen stitch would show up better in a merino single like madelinetosh Prairie or Malabrigo Lace, and I’ve been kind of feeling that way for a while.  And then I managed to really mess up the lace portion on one side, and that was pretty much that.

I do already have my next three projects planned out, so once I finish Vodka Lemonade it’ll be time to cast on all the things!  I’ll be back to a more typical-for-me WIP load – a sweater, a pair of vanilla socks, and the third project will be mittens (that I’ll never need but who cares).



I’m not even close to being finished with anything, so here’s what I’m working on.  The first three have already made an appearance in a previous WIP post (which tells you how much knitting I’m not getting done lately).



Los Monos Locos – yup, it’s my fourth pair of toe-up Monkeys.  This yarn is Seacoast Handpainted Panda (60% merino, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon) in colorway “Afterglow”.  It’s nice and squishy.  I’m maybe two gusset increase rows away from turning the heels, which will probably happen tomorrow after work.



Vanilla socks.  This yarn is Purple Goddess Design Stuff a Sock In It (80% merino 20% nylon) in colorway “Concrete Jungle”.  I knit more on these after I took the photo and I’m about a stripe away from the heels.  I think I’m going to do a Fish Lips Kiss heel with the other end of each ball, because I don’t really care if they totally match but I’d like to not mess up the stripe sequence.



Here’s Puntilla, knit in Briar Rose Fibers Sea Pearl in the color 105.  Here I’m knitting the sleeves two-at-a-time, which is why the photo doesn’t really show much.  Before I started knitting this I thought of this yarn as gray with green in it, but now I’m thinking it’s green with gray in it.  Regardless, I still haven’t figured out what yarn I’ll knit the lace trim from, and I’m totally prepared to start my next sweater while I figure it out.

Now for the things I started because I was tired of everything else I’m knittng.  First up is Sheherazade Beaded Lace Shawl, in madelinetosh pure silk lace, colorway “Duchess”.  I’ve finished the setup chart and one repeat of the body charts.  I’m using 8/0 Matsuno Dyna-mites beads in silver-lined clear.  I bought a bunch of beads to try with this (because I don’t have a large stash of 8/0 beads, they’re mostly 6/0 and some 5/0 triangles and cubes for those lovely Boo Knits shawls).  I got a mix of Miyukis and Matsunos and decided on these.  The Miyuki beads are super regular but they are more… cylinder shaped?  Like someone cut tiny slices off a tube.  They’re a little taller than these beads and I really wanted something delicate for this.  I actually also got some 11/0 beads but that was just craziness – they are way too small for this yarn.

Hey speaking of!  I am IN LOVE with this macro image I took of this shawl.  I got this macro lens (not an affiliate link) off Amazon on Prime Day and it is THE SHIT.  I already have a fancier (probably better quality) macro lens to clip on my phone but it doesn’t fit anything but a bare phone (it even broke the glass screen protector I had on it).  THIS one is EIGHT BUCKS and it clips on to EVERY PHONE and I don’t have to take my case off to use it!  I HIGHLY recommend it.


And last but not least, here’s Blooming Shawl in Knit Picks Luminance, color Brilliance.  Generally I’m kind of “meh” about Knit Picks yarn aside from Felici and Hawthorne, but hello, 50g of pure silk laceweight for 10.99?  Sign me the fuck up.  I’ve just finished knitting the first diamond lace setup chart.

And a small housekeeping note:  I’ve moved my blog from blogspot to WordPress.  My LinkedIn account (WHY do I still have that) was one of the ones whose credentials were stolen a while ago, and I forgot I even had a WordPress account until they emailed to say “hey quit using the same password everywhere dumbass your WordPress account has the same password as your LinkedIn account come change it pls”.  I’ll probably keep making small tweaks but I’m pretty happy with the design (especially that thingy that picks a random header image, woo!).



First up, I’ve started another sewing project – my third.  I’m making the pants from Simplicity 1520, with the help of this tutorial.  I found from my first project – also lazy pants, from an even easier pattern – that I’ll get easily overwhelmed if I try to do the whole thing in one day.  So last weekend I traced my pattern pieces onto pattern paper and cut them out, today I cut out my fabric.  I have been trying to figure out why I get so tense and anxious when I’m working on a sewing project, and I think it’s because with knitting, I’m not a great knitter but I’m confident, if that makes sense – the worst thing that can happen is it becomes yarn again.  With sewing, it’s not that recoverable.  Anyway, what I’m really trying to say here is that my forearms hurt so bad from how tense I was while I was cutting fabric, and that kind of sucked.

Socks, or rather, toes

And we got socks.  I’m going to need some mindless knitting this week and plain vanilla socks it is.  This yarn is Purple Goddess Design Stuff a Sock In It, in “Concrete Jungle”.  I was going to link to her Etsy store but it appears to have gone away.


I’ve been working on a Trillian in some ancient yarn Ravelry says I added to my stash in 2012.  It’s “Vegan Sock Yarn” by Quo Vadis in color “Neon Tangerine”.  It’s technically vegan – it’s a nylon/acrylic blend.  This store also is long gone.


And I recently finished a cardigan that’s still drying (and will be a post this week probably), so I’ve cast on a new sweater.  This is the beginning of Puntilla in Briar Rose Sea Pearl, in a color fetchingly named 105.  I haven’t decided what yarn I’ll use for the lace trim but I have plenty of time and plenty of scraps and whole skeins to choose from.