NOTD: China Glaze Choo-Choo-Choose You and OPI Movin’ Out

Another two-fer today, because I put on the China Glaze and was like, “ugh, this is boring” and put on Movin’ Out over it.  I’m super late to the Choo Choo party – it was still untried after all this time.  So was Movin’ Out, actually, but at least I didn’t get that while it was still current.  Movin’ Out is from the same collection as La Boheme (also untried!).

Also, I’ve had this on for literally an hour and I can already see some shrinkage.  Time to thin the topcoat again!

FO: Quasar Cardigan

OK, so this was my first shot at making my own One Perfect Cardigan Pattern.  The yarn is Western Sky Knits Willow DK in “Quasar”, which was an Eat Sleep Knit exclusive color for last year’s Yarnathon (is this where I admit I have only made one order with them this year because I bought So.  Much.  Yarn. so I could complete the Yarnathon and get all the cute space cat buttons?)

Anyway, I have so many things I want to change about this that I might just scrap the whole pattern I’ve written and start over.  I’ll start at the top:  The shoulders are way too wide for me – you can’t see it but the top of the sleeve cap is well over an inch past where it should be.  I don’t really like the neckline – I want it deeper and maybe a little more gradual.  The body and its shaping is fine – maybe it needs to be a little longer.  The sleeves have way too many stitches, and they’re too long (so I need to rework the sleeve decreases, too).  And let’s just talk about 3×1 ribbing – don’t use it.  It’s not enough to stop stockinette curling.  In fact, you can’t really see it, but I used 2×2 on the sleeves.

The good parts are:  I loved this yarn even though my hands were dyed black all the time, and no dye came out in its wash.  I did need to alternate skeins, though.

So:  Back to the drawing board, I guess.

FO: Norderney

Okay, this is Norderney.  I have some things to say about the yarn, but it’s discontinued, so I won’t name it (though I do have another SQ of this yarn in a different color).

I stuck to the pattern for this knit.  If I make this again, I will not use a provisional cast-on at the shoulders.  With this much positive ease and a drop shoulder, I think I would rather have the stability of a cast-on edge.  Also, because I couldn’t tell exactly where the cast on was (even though I had a locking stitch marker there), I had trouble figuring out when my fronts had gotten to the same length as the back.

That said, I probably will make another one of these – I didn’t find it tedious at all, and the FO is comfy and pleasant to wear.

Now for the yarn.  You can see that I have a skein that totally doesn’t match the others.  “You should have alternated,” you might think.  But this yarn was dyed to order, and I should not have had to alternate in a color this almost-uniform.  I actually had two other skeins that didn’t match exactly, but they’re unnoticeable, and you can’t even tell where I should have alternated those.  Also, this yarn had a TON of knots, and probably about three times as many spots where one ply was loose, or broken, than it had knots.  Definitely would not recommend, and as I said earlier- if this wasn’t discontinued I would totally be naming and shaming.  I can see a couple of spots where I need to do some additional repair on sticky-outy plies, but I haven’t decided what to do about that one mismatched skein.  It’s not as obvious in real life as it is here in the photos, but I still might end up dyeing this.

NOTD: Femme Fatale Dropping Through Sky

Dropping Through Sky is a minty crelly with pink-gold shimmer and scattered holo.  This was four coats to opacity (as usual, it’s more opaque in person than it looks in the photos).  This was kind of a pain to apply – you need to let it dry completely between coats.  Something else I found kind of annoying is that the glitter isn’t the usual smooth microglitter, it’s the old gritty glitter even though it looks tiny.  This dried textured to the touch though a regular topcoat (not especially thick) took care of this complete.  It was a little difficult to remove.

Still I’m pretty happy with this polish, and I think I have at least one more that looks similar to this with the pink shimmer that doesn’t have glitter.